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Kings, queens and other nobles have commissioned portraits of themselves for centuries. Everyone loves seeing their likeness recreated. For a more lighthearted take on this tradition, consider hiring a caricaturist for your next event! Caricature artists will produce colorful cartoon sketches of your guests when you hire them for parties and events in . Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about the art of caricature. Party Caricaturists


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Digital Caricatures - The Next Big Trend

Have you heard of digital caricatures?Caricaturists For Hire

They are a new, innovative way to bring art to your next event.

Traditionally, caricature artists have relied on pen, pencil or other physical media to create works of art.

Now, thanks to the latest technology, many artists have started incorporating computers and tablets into their artistry.

Using a small, portable tablet and an LCD monitor, the artist will draw a live cartoon of their subject (you!) while you watch from your chair. Watch as the image is transferred from the tablet to the computer. The effect is a stunningly-life-like, digitally-rendered portrait. Then, the artist simply prints out the finished product!

Traditional caricature art is still very popular and requires a great deal of skill and talent. Digital ones, however, are a fresh, unique way to entertain your guests. Find expert caricature artists who work with all types of media in by using our guide.

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