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With their painted faces and brightly colored clothes, it’s hard to think of clowns as scary or terrifying. Still, many children, particularly toddlers, are frightened of these entertainers. KidsParties.Party features clown entertainers who specialize in children’s parties and are great with kids of all ages. 

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Answers to Our Kid-Friendly Jokes

Were you able to come up with the answers to our silly jokes on your own? If not, here are the answers below:

Q: What is a Tree’s Favorite Drink?
A: Rootbeer.

Q: What did Delaware?
A: A New Jersey.

Q: Why didn't the biscuit go to the party?
A: Because he was flaky.

Q: Why are babies good at basketball?
A: Because they can dribble!

Q: Why was 6 afraid of 7?
A: Because 7 EIGHT 9.

Like we said earlier, leave the joke-telling to the professionals. KidsParties.Party features clowns that will not only tell jokes, but also provide face painting, balloon twisting and interactive games with children.

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