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Calling all super sleuths. Whether you are viewing a stage production or are in on the action, murder mysteries continue to fascinate people of all ages. Put your detective skills to work by having a murder mystery themed event. You can turn your home into the scene of the crime or watch the dastardly drama unfold at your theater. Find interactive parties, stage productions and dinner theater shows that are suitable for kids and teens on KidsParties.Party.

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Which Type of Party Should You Choose?

Take the mystery out of event planning. There are generally two types of murder themed parties available.

Interactive Whodunits: There are services available that will  turn your home into a crime scene. You will receive a packet that comes with the storyline of the crime. Depending on your number of guests, you will receive characters, all with their own backstories, motives and alibis. Your guests will have to interrogate each other, hunt for clues and use their wits to solve the crime. Many services can simply provide the story, but others can offer facilitators to keep the party going and make sure your guests are on the right track. This type of event is ideal for older children and teens.

Stage Shows: Head to your local dinner theater, visit the community stage house or book a touring theatre company for your event. Many theatre companies specialize in crime drama productions and are heavy with audience participation. Before you attend, check to see if they offer special group rates, as well as kids-friendly shows.

Not sure which type of party you should choose for your next event? Allow us to help solve this mystery for you. Call 732-298-6015 or contact us, and we’d be happy to make a recommendation.