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When you invite a puppet performer to your next party, your guests will be enthralled by their performance. The children will be captivated by the whimsical puppeta and imaginative stage shows. KidsParties.Party has found a list of the top puppeteers and touring theatre companies that offer children’s productions.

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Types of Puppet Show Entertainment Featured on KidsParties.Party

Not sure what type of puppet show entertainment to book for your party or event? KidsParties.Party features two distinct types:

1. Puppeteers:
Puppeteers are like stand-up comedians for children. With the help of a chatty, animated puppet friend, they will tell jokes, sing songs and engage with the audience. Their show will be interactive and most likely center around a specific theme, such as anti-bullying, literacy, healthy eating or environmental awareness.

2. Puppet Shows:
Younger children might not be able to sit through a Broadway musical or even a long feature film, but they will be absolutely entranced by a puppet show. Like traditional theatre, puppet shows follow a script and have well-developed characters who act out the story.

If you are a puppet performer who specializes in children’s productions, get featured on KidsParties.Party. When you create a listing, you will be able to tell our visitors just how creative and imaginative your children’s shows are! by providing a detailed description on your details page. Call 732-298-6015 for more information.