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Host a fancy afternoon luncheon for your daughter’s next birthday. KidsParties.Party lists many services that offer tea services for children. Find local tearooms that offer parties specifically for children in, as well as mobile services that will transform your dining room into an elegant ladies’ luncheon!

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Must-Haves for Your Tea Party

When planning your child's birthday, here are a few must-have things you absolutely need for their tea party celebration:

1. Food: What party isn’t complete without food? Plan a special menu for your party. Finger sandwiches, scones, jam, petit fors and pastries are a good place to start. And of course, don’t forget the tea!

2. Tea set: For an authentic experience, be sure to use a tea set. A full set includes a kettle, cups, plates, saucers, carafe for milk and cream, sugar bowl, silverware, serving platter and cake tray.

3. Etiquette lessons: Historically, tea parties have followed a strict etiquette protocol for little ladies and gentlemen. Etiquette experts at the Emily Post Institute have numerous guidelines for proper luncheon etiquette. For an authentic experience, a party leader can instruct guests in a mini-lesson.

4. Crafts: For an interactive experience, your guests can do a tea-themed craft, such as making paper fans or decorating a tiara

5. Dress up clothes: A fancy tea isn’t complete without elegant clothes! Encourage guests to come dressed in their best.

If the thought of preparing this type of party on your own is overwhelming, KidsParties.Party can recommend services that will do all of the work for you. Browse through the listings on our website or call 732-298-6015.


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