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If your son or daughter is crazy about horses, check out our list of pony and horseback riding services. Locate farms and stables near you that offer instructional riding parties, as well as mobile services that will bring the animals to your location. They are a great way for children to experience horses up close.

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Ways to Have an Equestrian Birthday

Your child doesn’t have to be an expert rider or even have any experience riding horses to have a pony riding party. KidsParties.Party features all types of party services that specialize in equestrian birthday parties.

1. Mobile pony services: Travelling services can bring one or more ponies to your event along with a trusted handler. Ideal for younger children, the handler will guide the animal around a ring or designated area. This could be a good addition to your party if your child is fascinated by horses but has never ridden one before.

2. Horseback riding: Head to the local barn or equestrian center on your child’s birthday. An instructor will make sure your guests learn the basics of horseback riding before beginning the lesson or trail riding sessions. This is a great option for older children, especially if they already have some experience with horses.

3. Petting zoo: If your son or daughter is not quite ready to mount a horse, consider renting a pony from a petting zoo. Some services also offer pony-inspired crafts and activities to go along with the visit.

KidsParties.Party is the ultimate national resource for kids party planning. If you are a service that offers pony parties, horseback riding birthdays or petting zoos, register for an account or call 732-298-6015 to quickly and easily list your business.

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