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Is your child an animal lover? Kids who are fascinated by foxes, enchanted by elephants and amazed by alligators will go totally wild for these nature and wildlife themed birthday. Find entertainers and venues who offer parties where children can experience exotic creatures up close in New Jersey. Scroll below to see some classic childhood games inspired by animals. Animal Birthday Parties For Kids


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9 Games Inspired by Your Favorite Animals

Your little party animals will love these nine games inspired by their favorite creatures: 

1. Duck, duck goose:
This game is popular for younger kids. Gather around, sit in a circle, and wait for your turn to be “goosed.” Run fast, or you’ll end up in the goose pot!

2. Sharks and minnows: If you have a pool in the backyard, organize a game of sharks and minnows. Designate a “shark” to stand on the diving board or the edge of the pool, facing away from the water. The minnows have to quietly make it across the pool. If the shark hears you, they can jump in and eat one of the minnows, turning them into the next shark.
Animal Parties
3. Pin the tail on the donkey: This game is a birthday party classic. Put on a blindfold and try to pin your tail closest to donkey’s rump. No peeking!

4. Animal Bingo: Bingo is a simple and easy game that allows younger kids to practice their listening and matching skills. Rather than matching numbers, children will have to place their marker on a card filled with animals. Print out a free template here

5. Run Rabbit Run: This game has gone by many different names, but it can take on an animal theme when kids pretend to be rabbits and wolves. Two designated kids are the “wolves,” and everyone else are rabbits. When the wolves say, “run, rabbit, run,” everyone has to try to make it to the other side of the playing area without being tagged. If you are tagged by a wolf, you become a tree rooted to your spot and can also try to tag rabbits. The last two rabbits win and become wolves in the next round.

6. Monkey Tag: This game is best played on playground equipment, which makes it a fun option for outdoor parties at the beach or the local park. The player who is “it” must close their eyes and count to ten, while the other players climb onto the playground equipment. The player who is it must keep their eyes closed and try to use their hearing to locate the other players, similar to Marco Polo. If the “it” player calls out “Monkey on the Ground,” and another player happens to be on the ground, they become the new “it” player.

7. Animal Relay: Put an exciting twist on a standard relay race by having the children move like a specific animal. Each round can feature a different command. “Hop like a frog!” “Walk like a crab!” “Gallop like a horse!” and “Fly like a bird!” are just a few suggestions. Don’t forget to be creative!

8. Tiger Tails: A tag game that is similar to flag football, tiger tails requires lots of running. Using a strip of cloth, flag or other material, each player must tuck their “tiger tail” into the waistband of their pants. Everyone must stay within a designated play space as they try to snatch each other's tails. This game requires players to be quick and crafty, just like a tiger.

9. Animal charades: This game is perfect for younger children with big imaginations. Just like in regular charades, split children into two teams and have them act out their favorite animals.

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